Urethane Cement

REDRHINO comes with an accomplished track record, a long professional list of references, the necessary licenses and insurances, and the experience to back it up.

If you’re looking for a team of professional cement urethane specialists for your industrial or commercial space, REDRHINO is just one phone call away.

Our company provides urethane cement flooring for manufacturing and production facilities across a number of industries that include aerospace, optical manufacturing, vitamin and supplement production, and even electronic parts and manufacturing. We also provide cementitious urethane to the automotive and food & beverage industries.

It’s easy to see what separates REDRHINO from other flooring companies. We use time tested and proven methods that go beyond the industry standard, and always work around your schedule. That way, you get a floor that provides for durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance – without any disruption to your day-to-day business or operations.

Today, we are recognized as one of the industry’s “go-to” providers of urethane cement flooring for commercial and industrial applications. Our growing reputation has led to a growing business.  Our portfolio of completed urethane cement flooring projects includes a number of food & beverage industry locations such as produce facilities, cold storage rooms, beverage distribution centers, bakeries, and other related facilities. Our clients range from the small first-time business owner to commercial and industrial players. Regardless of the size and scope of your urethane cement flooring needs, please know that REDRHINO is ready to work for you.

Applications                             Features

Beverage Plants


Food Processing

Freezers & Cold Storage

Meat Packing & Poultry

Fryer Lines

Chemical and Secondary Containment

Commercial Kitchens



Resistant to thermal shock

-50 to 250 temperature range

Ideal for CIP applications and steam cleaning

Handles severe impact conditions

Seamless flooring system

Essentially odorless

Withstands heavy forklift traffic

Chemical resistant

Abrasion resistant


Urethane Cement 1
Urethane Cement 2


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Expoxy flooring warranty
The RedRhino Warranty

At RedRhino, we are working hard every day for our reputation as your number one choice for epoxy flooring. As part of that commitment, we think it's important to stand behind our products and our work.

You may notice that some of our competitors claim to give "lifetime" guarantees on flooring. But, once you read the fine print, you find that their promises don't really stand up to their marketing. Look a little further into the reviews, and you'll find that you can't be sure they'll stand behind their flooring for more than a few years… if they are even still in business.

Using warranties from epoxy flooring manufacturers can be difficult, as well. Although most do guarantee their products for a certain amount of time, those guarantees depend on very precise (and occasionally, unrealistic) application settings involving temperature, humidity, concrete surface preparation, etc.

We understand the frustration that customers feel when dealing with these issues, which is why we offer a more straightforward warranty package than anyone in our industry. We can do this because we understand the intricacies of epoxy flooring, and make sure that our teams are trained professionally. They won't apply resin until your floor is ready, and won't rush through the job because they know you need it for years to come.

To find out more about our seven-year guarantee, and why RedRhino is different from other flooring companies,
call us today at 800-806-5508.