February 21, 2014

D.I.Y or H.I.R.E?

Posted by REDRHINO Staff Writer

With Google at the power of our fingertips, it’s easy to feel confident in taking things into our own hands – and for the most part, you should. But when it comes to Epoxy Flooring, however, there are many things to consider.

Will written instruction be enough? Do-it-yourself Epoxy Flooring kits of course come with instructions, but will that cover all of your questions? There’s comfort with experience in execution, and we at REDRHINO have nearly 10 years of experience.

Do I really have everything I need? A kit can only provide so much; but will it give you all of the tools necessary to prepare the surface for the resin (usually by diamond grinding or bead blasting), and will it tell you to make adjustments  based on temperature or humidity? It’s not very likely.

Oops! Something went wrong, now what? Having not used an established company, there is no warranty to cover or help me fix my floor. With REDRHINO, we offer you a 7 year warranty to help you feel confident that not only will the job get done right the first time, but that there is a company backing up their work.

Granted that’s just the tip of the iceberg, it’s very important to weigh the options and really consider hiring the professionals behind the REDRHINO team. Give us a call @ 888-293-2681 today to discuss your next project!

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Expoxy flooring warranty
The RedRhino Warranty

At RedRhino, we are working hard every day for our reputation as your number one choice for epoxy flooring. As part of that commitment, we think it's important to stand behind our products and our work.

You may notice that some of our competitors claim to give "lifetime" guarantees on flooring. But, once you read the fine print, you find that their promises don't really stand up to their marketing. Look a little further into the reviews, and you'll find that you can't be sure they'll stand behind their flooring for more than a few years… if they are even still in business.

Using warranties from epoxy flooring manufacturers can be difficult, as well. Although most do guarantee their products for a certain amount of time, those guarantees depend on very precise (and occasionally, unrealistic) application settings involving temperature, humidity, concrete surface preparation, etc.

We understand the frustration that customers feel when dealing with these issues, which is why we offer a more straightforward warranty package than anyone in our industry. We can do this because we understand the intricacies of epoxy flooring, and make sure that our teams are trained professionally. They won't apply resin until your floor is ready, and won't rush through the job because they know you need it for years to come.

To find out more about our seven-year guarantee, and why RedRhino is different from other flooring companies,
call us today at 800-806-5508.