November 4, 2015

What is an Epoxy Floor

Posted by REDRHINO Staff Writer


If you are looking for a durable type of flooring that is also visually pleasing, consider hiring an epoxy flooring service. This type of flooring is very practical and appealing, and you can even complete the process on your own. Continue reading if you are interested in learning all about epoxy flooring.

The process of installing a new epoxy floor may be tricky for some individuals, so it helps to enlist the services of an epoxy flooring company. However, it is not impossible to do it on your own. You must first ready the floor by clearing it of any dust, dirt, debris, or grease. The best way to clean your floor before an epoxy coating is to use a pressure washer so that you can ensure that the epoxy coating will stick properly. You or your epoxy flooring professional can then apply the epoxy to your floor using a roller and let it dry overnight.

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice when it comes to industrial and commercial environments. It can handle the foot traffic and heavy loads that are involved in auto body shops and showrooms while requiring a limited amount of maintenance. Epoxy flooring is very durable and is not typically susceptible to damage; this physical resistance contributes to its ability to enjoy a long working life.

Since epoxy flooring comes in many different forms, the price tends to vary significantly. However, cheaper epoxy flooring materials may cost you a mere fifty cents per square foot. On the other hand, more expensive epoxy flooring may cost up to five dollars per square foot. Due to the fact that epoxy flooring is so durable, the materials are typically well worth the price.

REDRHINO is proud to serve the Los Angeles area with top-notch epoxy coating services. Visit our website or give us a call at (310) 734-2790 to learn more about our concrete floor paint and epoxy garage floor services. If you live in the area, feel free to come by and meet with us so you can learn more about our business today.

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Expoxy flooring warranty
The RedRhino Warranty

At RedRhino, we are working hard every day for our reputation as your number one choice for epoxy flooring. As part of that commitment, we think it's important to stand behind our products and our work.

You may notice that some of our competitors claim to give "lifetime" guarantees on flooring. But, once you read the fine print, you find that their promises don't really stand up to their marketing. Look a little further into the reviews, and you'll find that you can't be sure they'll stand behind their flooring for more than a few years… if they are even still in business.

Using warranties from epoxy flooring manufacturers can be difficult, as well. Although most do guarantee their products for a certain amount of time, those guarantees depend on very precise (and occasionally, unrealistic) application settings involving temperature, humidity, concrete surface preparation, etc.

We understand the frustration that customers feel when dealing with these issues, which is why we offer a more straightforward warranty package than anyone in our industry. We can do this because we understand the intricacies of epoxy flooring, and make sure that our teams are trained professionally. They won't apply resin until your floor is ready, and won't rush through the job because they know you need it for years to come.

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